Review of The Captain's Quarters
in Berwick-Upon-Tweed

1 Sallyport, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, TD15 1EZ, 

Do not stay at this B&B!  


  • OK location in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, if you don't mind loud late night street noise
  • Free WiFi in some parts of the building


  • Trip Advisor reviews (as of 7th April 2017) rated this B&B as 47 out of 51 in Berwick-Upon-Tweed and 82 reviewers rated it as poor or terrible
  • Many reviews focus on the rude, dishonest, abusive and unfriendly manager/owner - Elizabeth Middlemiss
  • Breakfast is not included in the price
  • rates the expensive breakfast as just OK at 5.2/10 (as of 7th April 2017)
  • No onsite parking
  • No refunds for accommodation under any circumstances
  • Overpriced rooms

The manager, Elizabeth Margaret Middlemiss, has no empathy, she will upset you and she will try to rip you off.  It is unusual for multiple newspapers to publish large articles on a B&B manager; see the links below and decide for yourself.  Elizabeth Middlemiss is often referred to as the owner, but as she is a recently discharged bankrupt this shouldn't be the case.

Her bankruptcy notice can be seen in the gazette at:

Her behaviour towards guests is highlighted in the Daily Star at:

Her character can be judged from the Berwick Advertiser at:

However, the real situation can be judged from the following extracts from Trip Advisor and reviews:

  1. Rude, abusive, unfriendly be warned if you are visiting with a family don't stay here.... no lounge area, proprietor would not allow any guests to socialise in any bedroom at 9.30pm. The rudest, uncompromising woman I've ever met.
  2. No where to park, and the owner was spiteful and mean. the room was badly arranged and the atmosphere was so tense and unwelcoming it was untrue. It is also in the heart of an obvious drinking area at night which kept us awake half the night with party goers.
  3. I could not believe how unbelievably arrogant and opinionated this woman is...let me tell you
  4. The bed was uncomfortable noise from house all night and a poor quality breakfast . Not to mention the rude women on reception.
  5. What an evil vile person the owner is.. We had booked in for 2 nights but only ended up staying half a day.. Place smells of wet dog. And is dirty and dusty . When we asked about the smell we were told to f off...
  6. I have never in my entire life came across such a nasty piece of work and belive me I work with the public av seen many. this lady is a vile liar and couldn't admit she had made a mistake
  7. The proprietor, Elizabeth Middlemiss, is the most rude, obnoxious and unprofessional woman we have ever experienced.
  8. You will encounter the most bizarre, unprofessional, indeed bordering on psychologically unsound person you've ever encountered in your travels.
  9. The attitude of the owner, Ms Middlemiss, was deplorable. Unprofessional and borderline adolescent.
  10. The lady owner needs a course on manners and politeness, if she has a middle name it will be either arrogance or ignorance, very sad to be that way.
  11. The way she conducted herself was disgusting rude arrogant.
  12. If you read the other poor reviews you will see that most mention she is rude, awkward and obnoxious. This hotel would do well with a different owner she needs to never work with public again. Vile.
  13. possible the worst hotel in the world very unprofessional and run like a hostel but charges like the hilton the owners seem to spend more time arguing than dealing with customer complaints very little customer care poor stay away
  14. The owner of this B&B is a real enigma, strange and often appeared the worst for drink. She was quite difficult to communicate with and made us feel very unwelcome.
  15. We arrived not to a warm welcome but a rude unfriendly introduction but things got worse when we were shown our room.... not only was there a terrible smell but the room was not very clean.
  16. Would not recommend to my worst enemies
  17. worse place in the country to stay , I would rather sleep in the street that stay there again
  18. We have well and truly been conned by this awful woman who runs this "boutique hotel". Stay here at your peril and do not part with any cash beforehand.
  19. Very poor service, I wouldn't reccomend this hellhole to anyone
  20. The owner was effectivly the devil in carnate. 
  21. I can truthfully say it is the worst establishment I have ever visted. Upon arrival we were greeted by rude and miserable staff with a couldn't care less attitude.

And from

  1. Shocking attitude from most of the staff, rude, unhelpful.
  2. Shocking service...disgusting attitude
  3. Owner was unfriendly, not even a hello or an apology. She was very abrupt, spoke to us like pupils.
  4. Nice place if it werent for the terrible service by the staff - DO NOT STAY HERE!
  5. The place is under bad management and distinctly strange. 
  6. It was my impression on talking to the owner that she was not in possession of all her faculties. 
  7. No parking, no breakfast and no one around to meet or greet.
  8. Felt so ripped off it totally spoiled the break.
  9. The owner was quite rude on the telephone at the time of booking
  10. The decor and furniture looked like I had just walked into a thrift store.
  11. There was a disco on which did not finish till midnight. I think this was inconsiderate.
  12. Was 120 a night and this didn't include breakfast so we expected toiletries but there was only half a container of handwash and a third of a bottle of Dove body wash.
  13. A disapointing stay not one I would care to repeat.
  14. Didn't dare complain after reading newspaper reports of owners alleged aggression towards guests who complained.
  15. The view was looking out to a brick wall
  16. The washing machine was very very noisy the next day I think it was next to our room as we felt the vibrations.